This Email Reveals Fauci Brushed Off The Best Advice He Could Have Possibly Been Given

It’s been a rough past few weeks for ‘America’s doctor.’ The COVID-19 pandemic – Dr. Anthony Fauci’s raison d’etre – is winding down, the whole country is perusing his FOIA’d emails, and some are even discussing whether his possible role in the gain of function research that may have started this whole mess in the first place could warrant criminal charges. Of course, given the sorry state of affairs in America today, it’s highly unlikely anything like that would ever happen, especially under a Biden administration ‘Justice’ Department. 

It’s also unlikely that anything short of an on-camera puppy-slaying would cause Fauci’s near-cult-like status to suffer a blow among certain, shall we say, liberal segments of the population. No, despite the predictions of some on the right, don’t expect the Avenatti treatment for the Patron Saint of Wuhan, only continued veneration. Just like myths about the efficacy of masks and lockdowns, the left simply has too much invested to let go.

For almost everyone on the right, however, Fauci has certainly become an object of scorn and contempt, a symbol of all the things we got horribly wrong about COVID. And as more and more emails come to light – particularly

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