This Democrat, Republican agree it’s time to get Iraq war laws off the books

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This month marks the 20th anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Above all else, it is a time to offer tribute to the more than 1.5 million brave Americans who served during the Iraq War.

This anniversary also warrants reflection on where war powers rest in our republic. Those troops we honor this month may be surprised to know the legal authorization to wage war against Iraq is still on the books today, even though it serves no operational purpose and Iraq is now a strategic partner. By failing to repeal this outdated authorization, we leave it subject to potential presidential misuse. Congress has effectively surrendered its responsibilities to declare and oversee wars to whoever happens to be president.

We are part of a bipartisan effort to reclaim both. 

In the centuries before America’s founding, unelected and unaccountable monarchs declared wars against each other that their subjects were forced to fight. As a result, the framers of our Constitution were understandably cautious when it came to war powers. 


They feared vesting war powers solely in the executive would lead more easily to war. Instead, they placed power in the hands

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