They Want to Make It Easier to Cheat

Texas Democrats are receiving glowing praise in corporate media reports as they flee their state and their responsibility as legislators. “They’re saving the republic,” we are told, as they literally beg the federal government to throw out any last vestige of federalism as it pertains to states’ abilities to conduct elections under their own rules and authority.

“Federal government, please intervene and supersede our state laws” is a hell of a way to “save a republic,” but the shills in our corporate-owned propaganda media have never been known for their logic, consistency, or basic constitutional literacy. 

But lost in the duplicitous coverage of the illegal abandonment of these Democrats’ duties to their voters, their state constitution, and their oath of office is the actual fact that the election laws Democrats would enable if given the opportunity would have one over-riding result for elections going forward: It would be incredibly easy for people to cheat. It’s not even debatable. 

As President Biden attempted to further divide the divided nation he inherited under the guise of promising to unite it, he parrotted perhaps one of the most egregious, dangerous, and despicable political lies of our generation (and that’s saying something). In his Philadelphia

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