They Want To Harm Your Kids

The cultural Marxists in our nation have a craven desire to mutilate and destroy healthy children. They want to do so through any emotional, sexual, and psychological means at their disposal. They’ve gone mainstream with their strategy, and you may be your child’s last best chance.

Two years ago that opening paragraph may have read a bit inflammatory in a nation like America.

Don’t misunderstand the child abusers were already on the rampage, but they had not yet been given legitimacy of holding significant positions in a Presidential administration.

Having been granted such they have done everything they could to advance their agenda as fast as is humanly possible.

It’s in perfect keeping with their world view. Political movements that root their basis for existence in fifty years of sixty million dead babies are definitively inclined to not value the innocence and existence of children as sacred. 

They don’t even like having them. Think about the “media-ragers” since Dobbs: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. You don’t see children gathered around them. Nancy Pelosi even tried to elbow incoming Congresswoman Mayra Flores’ kid because the little girl was merely standing too close to her. 

So why would they think that parents should have any

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