They Key to America’s Survival


Posted: Jun 14, 2022 12:40 PM

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The United States is dying a death by its own present government that is inflicting a thousand cuts on its citizenry. On every front, what people see is a government against the people. And world disaster may be closer now than ever before.

Cities coast to coast are experiencing record crime because of Democrat policies of defunding the police and lax law enforcement—an effort aided by billionaire George Soros who funds the campaigns of progressive district attorney candidates in select, often crime-ridden cities across the country. The Biden open border policy contributes significantly to this problem by having catalyzed a record surge in illegal immigrants—2 million in 2021—which include an unprecedented influx of human and drug trafficking criminals. Biden’s opening salvo in reducing the production of oil and gas leading to the inflation of fuel prices are found in his very first executive orders to stop the Keystone Pipeline and immediately impose regulatory curtailment of the exploration, drilling, production, transmission, processing, and

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