There’s Something Seriously Wrong With These People


Posted: Jun 20, 2022 12:01 AM

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Quick quiz: what’s the name of the Postmaster General? If you aren’t some committed left-wing nutjob, I bet you don’t know. Why would you? Could you name any Postmaster General, aside from Benjamin Franklin? Maybe if you were a serious stamp collector, but otherwise it’d be like having the complete roster of anyone who served as Surgeon General at your fingertips. Yet, the current Postmaster General has become an obsession for the left. Why do you think that is?

By the way, the current Postmaster General is a man named Louis DeJoy. Appointed by President Donald Trump in May of 2020, Democrats have been going absolutely crazy over his existence ever since. 

At the time of his appointment, Democrats hated him simply because he was a Trump appointee. But once the pandemic allowed them to move the 2020 election to a mail-in ballot situation, the hatred began. 

Democrats accused DeJoy of everything from removing mailboxes to deliberately slowing the mail to prevent their votes

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