There’s dinosaurs in them there hills: Prehistoric lizards and homesteaders mingle at the Carter County Museum

Jake Iverson

There’s not much better than a small town museum. You know the ones. They’re usually off the main drag, but not too far, because they need the traffic. Usually they’re free, but sometimes it’s a couple bucks. But you happily fork it over.

Who knows what could be inside? There’s probably some relics from the homesteading days, definitely some guns, almost certainly some arrow and spear points some rancher found while tilling his hay field.

The joy is in the discovery. You never know what’s lurking around the corner. It could be a scale model of the area in 1907 (that one’s in Big Timber) or maybe a taxidermy deer head that’s been made to look like its smiling (that’s in Chinook).

That’s the spirit of this new column, “MontOddities,” an ongoing examination of the weird, wonderful spots in the state, and the institutions that are dedicated to saving this history. 

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