There Are A Lot of Brandons

Let’s go, Brandon, and all you establishment jerks are Brandon.

The beauty of “Let’s Go, Brandon” is how it not only captures the utter contempt that America has for our alleged president, who is currently polling about as well as Michael Moore would be among Golden Corral managers, but how it captures what is either unbelievable cluelessness among the media, or unbelievable mendacity. Probably some of both. 

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who had more successfully driven in circles than the other guys he was driving in circles with in whatever the Xfinity Series at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama is, was being interviewed by NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast. Now, NBC is the Jerry Nadler’s trousers of media propaganda, perhaps the most full of it of all networks even in a universe that, for some reason, includes CNN. The crowd in the background begins a chant. It’s a chant that is sweeping the nation, heard at college football games, rallies, and wherever patriots are gathered.

It’s not “Let’s go, Brandon.” “Brandon” is actually “Biden,” and as for the other part – how to put this in on family website? – it’s more coming than going.

Everyone hates Joe Biden, and this spontaneous chant is

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