The WildWalk comes out of hibernation

Cory Walsh

The animals that populate the WildWalk Parade don’t emerge fully formed that morning. They evolve slowly over time behind the scenes.

This year, as the walk comes out of a two-year hibernation on Saturday, Craig Menteer decided on a species he thinks is misunderstood.

Menteer, who in 1992 co-founded the parade that kicks off the International Wildlife Film Festival, is building a wolf from scratch. Not a small one, although it is a puppet. It’s roughly 6.5 feet tall at the shoulder, and from nose to tail measures around 10 feet.

Back in 2019, the last year the parade was held, he made a wolf, but it was cardboard and “clunky,” he said. “I wanted to make something that was more animated.”

“I am a theater person, so if the puppet’s more alive it gives you a chance to be a little more theatrical in the parade,” he said.

The species is “getting a bad rap,” so he decided if the creation had “the magic of theater,” it might find a longer life after the parade and get used for advocacy projects.

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