The Wildly Important Legacy of Donald Trump

Every president has their legacy. George Washington set the standard for presidents, that’s his. Abraham Lincoln preserved the union. LBJ massively expanded government and helped destroy families. Legacies can be good or bad, but they are lasting and form how that president is thought of by future generations. President Donald Trump’s legacy has yet to be written, and if leftists have their way it will be as negative as anyone could imagine. But if there’s justice in the world, and intelligence, Donald Trump’s legacy will not only be positive, it will be lasting.

If you read the New York Times you’d think President Trump will go down as the worst we’ve ever had, if you watched MSNBC-CNN you’d think he’ll go down as a war criminal, even though he, unlike most of his predecessors, didn’t start any wars. But what it should be is clearly and unequivocally positive.

So what did Donald Trump do that should be his legacy? The economy? Record-low unemployment? No, it’s something much more significant and important, provided we’re smart enough as a nation to recognize it and, honestly, not screw it up.

To hear the media tell it, Donald Trump bungled handling the coronavirus, like

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