The War Against Covid-19 Is Over. It’s Time For Unconditional, Unequivocal Surrender

When the Japanese finally surrendered on September 2, 1945, the official news never reached Japanese Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda, who along with a few compatriots spent the next three decades hiding out in the Philippine mountains and carrying out guerrilla activities against local police and farmers. Although leaflets were dropped several times over the years, Onoda and his fellow soldiers refused to believe the news, instead stubbornly choosing to continue a pointless fight they must have known they couldn’t possibly win.

Of the seven stages of grief humans experience, the last one is acceptance. This is where Team Reality has been for much, if not most, of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we got there pretty quickly. Thanks to science, the real kind humans used to practice before they lost their ever loving minds, we’ve known all along that there’s no stopping or permanently containing a highly contagious respiratory virus that had by March 2020 already been raging for months and making significant headway into the population.

We accepted this and – as was eloquently drawn out later that year by a group of highly qualified medical professionals in the Great Barrington Declaration – postulated that the best way

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