The Value of a Healthy Reserve Force – A Ukraine War Lesson


Posted: Jun 17, 2022 12:01 AM

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An uncomfortable truth is that the history of humankind is – to a notable degree – a history of conflict and war, whether wars are seen as necessary and justifiable, or arbitrary, cruel and wanton.  Beyond everything else that wars bring – destruction and suffering, victory for some and defeat for others – they also bring important lessons.  And while we don’t always heed those lessons, wars still serve as important laboratories for the study of everything from conflict resolution and geopolitical theory, to enemy capabilities and tactics, to the effectiveness of specific technologies on the battlefield.  The lessons from these conflicts fit into even broader buckets of people, processes, and technology. Throughout history, time and again, seemingly inferior forces have repelled and conquered opponents that are better equipped and better trained.  What often sets these disadvantaged forces apart is the quality, spirit and dedication of their people.

The war in Ukraine is no different from any other conflict in this regard

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