The Unintentionally Hilarious Anti-Tucker Term Paper


Posted: May 04, 2022 12:01 AM

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The New York Times has been alarmed by the existence of the Fox News Channel since it debuted in 1996. It developed a special fear and loathing of Bill O’Reilly when he hosted the top show in cable news. And now the paper is at it again, attacking Tucker Carlson.

On Sunday and Monday, the Times published almost 20,000 words of “investigative reporting” on Carlson’s show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” announcing they’d watched 1,150 episodes and chronicled all the guests and the messages and the monologues. This should be defined as “opposition research.”

The overwrought thesis of Times reporter Nicholas Confessore, who is an MSNBC political analyst (no conflict there!), is Carlson dominates in the ratings because he is “weaponizing fears and grievances” on “what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

There are obvious reasons why this massive term paper sounds laughable to half of America. There’s Confessore going on Joy Reid’s TV show, The ReidOut, on May 2

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