The unexpected ways Florida’s anti-blogger proposal actually benefit liberal media

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We all say foolish things. Heck, that’s why social media is so popular. At least most of us don’t try to turn those comments into legislation. 

But that’s what’s happening with a proposed media law in Florida that’s designed to go after bloggers. I’m not exaggerating. A section of the proposed law is titled, “Blogger registration and reporting.” Anyone who loves their rights should cringe when politicians talk about mandatory registration and fines. (Gun owners know what I mean.) 

The bill was proposed by Republican state senator Jason Brodeur as a way of forcing what he calls “transparency” on political lobbyists. He wants to stop politicians from hiring bloggers to write a story and then have the campaigns turn around and quote that article. That sounds like he has an ax to grind that would make Paul Bunyan envious.

Overnight, the bill has gone viral as a how-not-to for state government. Numerous outlets tied it to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and used his name, image or both to attack him – with the ammo Brodeur handed them. Mother Jones compared the bill to something done by the prime minister of Hungary, a man libs love

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