The Truth About Fauci


Posted: Jun 09, 2021 2:25 PM

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In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American people wanted to better understand the China virus and how they could best protect themselves from infection. Dr. Anthony Fauci quickly became the “go-to expert.” 

But as Americans and the world listened to Dr. Fauci’s medical advice, Townhall and other conservative publications began to question his motives, notice contradictions in his statements, and investigate whether or not he had connections the public was unaware of or if he knew more about the Wuhan virus than he was letting on.

Now, with the publication of Fauci’s bombshell emails thanks to a FOIA request, here at Townhall, we can say that we were right about Fauci all along. Reporting on his constant flip-flopping, spreading of misinformation, and grilling by elected officials on Capitol Hill was necessary and justified.

Townhall has been reporting the truth about Fauci for more than a year now and continues to do so:

May 12, 2020: Fauci Reacts to Rand Paul Saying He’s

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