The tech moguls who want to remake American politics

MIAMI — The scene at Ampersand Studios, an art gallery in the middle of an otherwise largely industrial area of Miami last week, was a hodgepodge of tech-world thinkers, investors and sponsors gathered for a conference that felt, hip locale aside, like a pretty typical networking event.

What they were actually up to was hashing out something that looked awfully close to a new kind of American politics.

For a segment of the tech elite, the industry isn’t just about building billion-dollar companies and cool devices anymore: it’s about rethinking society itself, and nudging it toward a distinct new center-right-leaning political ideology.

The “Reboot” conference, hosted by the free-market, tech-focused think tank the Lincoln Network, included panels with names like “The Geopolitics of Industrial Policy: All Carrot, No Stick?” and “The Future of America: Florida vs. California.”

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Over the course of the day, a big picture emerged with potentially big political implications: A nascent,

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