The strongest bipartisan effort to secure our border in decades will keep Americans safe

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Government’s first and most important job is keeping our citizens safe – and that includes securing our borders. Strengthening our national security and keeping Americans safe should not be a partisan issue, but instead a commitment that unites all Americans. 

I have seen firsthand the challenges that our border agents and officers face, and for years – including under both the current and previous administrations – I have urged members of both parties to work together to strengthen border security. Given the current crisis at the border, Congressional inaction is not an option. Senators must put partisan politics aside and vote to pass the bipartisan security package.

If we fail to act now to control the border and cannot track who is crossing into our country, then we are failing our communities. Without secure borders, we are less able to stop the spread of dangerous and illicit drugs like fentanyl, crack down on cartels, combat human trafficking, or ensure that criminals and terrorists are not sneaking into the country. Republican Senators have been saying the same thing, calling for urgent action to address the border crisis, which is why it is shameful that many

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