The Story of Inflation: Government Dysfunction at its Finest


Posted: May 13, 2022 12:01 AM

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Last week’s leak of a draft decision from the Supreme Court was an unprecedented break from  tradition and trust, but it is sadly emblematic of the state of our nation’s government today. The  federal government’s dysfunction continues to degrade public trust in our institutions.  

Among the top issues affecting the American public in 2022, there is no better example than  inflation to demonstrate the ongoing dysfunction of our federal government. In the early days of  2021, after nearly a year of economic chaos stemming from the global pandemic and  government-imposed shutdowns, the federal government passed yet another massive bill known  as the American Rescue Plan. It was sold under the guise of distributing vaccines and stimulating  the economy. However, the $2 trillion price tag raised eyebrows as the fourth major COVID related legislation in a year, leading many critics to predict it would trigger inflationary concerns.  As my group and others have analyzed the spending coming out of the American Rescue Plan,  the

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