The story of Abraham: Unconditional love, unthinkable sacrifice

His Only Son (PG-13)

At the Cinemark

Nothing like a movie about Abraham to make me feel young again. He lived to 175. I’d got a century to go. Hope my 401K holds up. Guess I’ll teach to triple digits.

“His Only Son” is yet another religious film tapping into a growing market.

Such releases span a wide continuum from those preaching straight to the choir, to those hoping attract searchers and non-believers to Cinemark’s pews.

“His Only Son” lets us know within seconds that its appealing to the faithful.

The director introduces his film on screen before we start, and returns afterward to ask for donations to future Biblically-based films. Popcorn pulpit: Welcome the congregation, pass the QR offering plate.

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A “member’s-only” approach makes me twitch, but, in the spirit of Easter, I hunkered down hoping that the classic story of faith and sacrifice might be delivered sensitively, rather than beating me with a Bible.

A scene from “His Only Son.”

Angel Studios

The tale begins with God telling Abraham to take

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