The simple lesson from Disney, Bud Light fiascos is too obvious

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When your company’s market cap drops about 15 percent in five months despite a billionaire’s efforts to prop it up, you’ve got a problem. That’s where Anheuser-Busch InBev (“AB”) finds itself after leftist crusader Bill Gates’ family foundation invested $95 million in 1.7 million AB shares in the second quarter of this year. At the beginning of that quarter, AB entered into a controversial partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, sending Mulvaney, a biological male, custom beer cans to mark “365 days of girlhood.” It was a public relations (and financial) fiasco. 

Then there’s Disney, which has cut 7,000 jobs since 2021. The once family friendly brand has also watched its market cap drop about 40% since March of 2022, when Disney management went public with its opposition to a Florida parental rights bill and disclosed its intent to include woke sexual ideology in its content for children. Yep, Disney did that. 

As a former CEO and a former corporate communications executive, we respectfully offer a suggestion for just about any business: Don’t offend your target market. That may sound obvious, but apparently it’s not. As AB’s and Disney’s results demonstrate, when management teams

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