The Root Cause of Our Societal Rot and What To Do About It

Admittedly, I detest the term “root causes” when discussing political matters of the day. Perhaps it’s because Vice President Kamala Harris’ mutterance about the root causes of the southern border crisis is so obviously insincere. Or perhaps it’s because the phrase is as old as politicians standing on stage lying through their teeth, and just hearing it from a massively untalented politician like Harris is infuriating because her words are void of any urgency.

Whatever the case, her often nonsensical world salads did cause me to think more critically about the root cause(s) of America’s obvious societal rot.

At home, the crisis along the southern border has turned into a humanitarian nightmare and threatens the stability of our cities and surrounding communities as they struggle with unprecedented surges in crime and dwindling police force resources and officers. On top of that, seemingly every couple of months a new community is shattered by another mass shooting, and families in every demographic face rising drug use and trafficking alongside the ravages of an ongoing and often forgotten mental health epidemic.

Abroad, Russia’s dictator continues his invasion of Ukraine while communist China eyeballs an invasion of its own in Taiwan. Central America continues an

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