The Ron DeSantis blueprint can save Europe, too

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Governor Ron DeSantis has proven himself to be bold, self-disciplined, and capable. His reputation has reached European shores, and his successful governance has piqued the interest of many. Leaders throughout the old Continent are already turning to what he has accomplished in the Sunshine state as a blueprint for Europe. 

Supply side economic principles have once again turned out to be a recipe for success in Florida, just as they had been during the Reagan administration. Tax cuts, deregulation, balanced budgets, incentives to invest, hire and produce have resulted in an unemployment rate of 2.5 percent as of December 2022, the lowest since 2006, a labor force growth of 3.5 percent (more than double the American national growth rate) and an increase in the overall population. Freedom, prosperity and expanded opportunities are the natural consequences of the traditional conservative policies that President Ronald Reagan brought into the mainstream, empowering individuals, and families to fight for what they believe in – their customs, traditions and communities.

On the cultural side, he has not shied away from fighting against a new reincarnation of the old foe of civilization – communism. Wokeism and cancel culture are two

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