The Rams Beating The Bears Gets Big TV Ratings

The Los Angeles Rams beating the Chicago Bears 34-14 Sunday night put up respectable TV ratings.

According to, the Rams earning a huge win over the Bears behind Matthew Stafford’s awesome performance averaged 13.53 million viewers on NBC in the early numbers.

Due to it being a live sporting event, the final numbers will be higher for “Sunday Night Football.”

While it’s certainly not the biggest ratings that we’ve ever seen on “SNF,” it’s very respectable to average more than 13 million viewers.

NBC is going to sit back and be very happy with that number.

The number is even more impressive when you consider the fact that nobody really cares about the Bears and everyone expected the Rams to roll.

That’s exactly what happened, and lots of people tuned in to watch Matthew Stafford absolute torch Chicago’s defense.

Football is rolling again in America and as I always say, that’s great news for the USA. As long as we have football, we’ll be okay! I truly believe that and the ratings prove people are watching again!

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