The one word you need to keep front and center this holiday season

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I love Thanksgiving almost as much as I love Christmas. There’s just something about the family time, and the official kickoff to the whole holiday season that feels extra cozy and magical. But with the start of the season also comes more pressure, higher expectations, and countless opportunities to spend crazy amounts of money on everything from plane tickets to monogrammed organic cotton napkins. So here are five tips for keeping your expectations realistic and your spending in check throughout the holidays this year.  

1. Set healthy boundaries 

My good friend from Ramsey Solutions Dr. John Delony always encourages people to decide in advance what their holiday boundaries are going to be, and then be firm about them. This will help you not cave to the unnecessary expectations we can often place on ourselves (or others can place on us) during the holidays. And you can set boundaries around all kinds of things – like time, technology and money – that will then inform the choices you make throughout the season. 

For example, visiting family is important, but if you’re trying to get out of debt and already planning to travel to see your family for

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