The Next Million Fentanyl Deaths Are on You, New Hampshire

Do you care about fentanyl, New Hampshire? Every year, more than 400 of your fellow Granite Staters die from drug overdoses, mostly from fentanyl.

Nikki Haley promises to keep the fentanyl pipeline open.


You can’t have missed it — she says it at every speech, debate, town hall, roundtable, meet-and-greet, TV interview and casual conversation:

— “We have to kick this where it starts. And that means you go to China and say, ‘We will end all normal trade relations with you until you stop killing Americans.’ We have to be that firm, we have to be that tough.”

— “As president, I will push Congress to revoke permanent normal trade relations until the flow of fentanyl ends. If China wants to start normal trade again, it has to stop killing Americans.”

— “And we will go to China and say, ‘We’re going to end all normal trade relations with you until you stop murdering Americans with fentanyl.’ You watch how fast they fix that.”

Literally none of our fentanyl comes from China. One hundred percent of the fentanyl in this country is made in Mexico and brought in from Mexico. A border wall would end the flow of fentanyl (and opioids

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