The New, Upgraded Chinook Is Exactly What Our Military Needs and What Taxpayers Can Afford


Posted: Sep 20, 2022 12:01 AM

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The H-47 Chinook has been the world’s first class, top flight heavy lift helicopter since it first came on the scene during the Vietnam War.  It is still today the world’s most capable and reliable heavy lift helicopter and the reason is that it has been constantly updated and improved. It may appear to be the same helicopter that was flown years ago, but the truth is it is a vastly different helicopter and it only shares the silhouette with its early predecessors.

The drivetrain, transmissions, and rotor shafts have been upgraded. The helicopter has been hardened against electronic warfare. Everything from avionics, to flight controls, to fuel systems have been upgraded. The helicopter’s skin has been strengthen to withstand flight fatigue and allow for more growth.  But if you look at the silhouette, you’ll still recognize the helicopter.  But everything else has been upgraded and made even more capable — so capable that it will serve our war fighter’s most demanding

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