The New English Dictionary, Democratic Party Edition

In the game of power, tyrants will do anything to obtain it, hold onto it, and destroy anyone who dares oppose them. The Democrats know how to play the game superbly. The problem they have is, since their policies do not work and are not supported by most of the American people, they must resort to subterfuge. Thus, Democrats lie, misdirect, obfuscate, toss dirt in the air, and throw feces in the faces of everybody to cover up their own stink. They are masters at that, too.

Changing the definitions of words to deceive the simple-minded is an old trick. The Democratic Party has a whole new dictionary, new meanings for old words and concepts, which is intended for one purpose: gain and hold power. Here is a sampling of the new definitions Democrats have placed on common words and ideas, artfully designed to bamboozle the bamboozlable. Just remember. When you hear any Democrat (or sycophant) use any of these words or concepts, herein lies what they really denote:

“Extremist”: anybody who doesn’t agree with, and submit to, Joe Biden and the Democrats.

“Fascist”: 1. anybody who voted for or supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party. 2. See “extremist.”

“Fascism”: whatever

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