The mounting evidence Biden got rich from dictators like China’s Xi

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A reporter asked me the other day if all the evidence about the Biden family’s money-making schemes (checks, secret messages, and meetings) meant that President Joe Biden has been lying to the public. I was surprised by the question. Of course, Biden has been lying.

As I wrote early this year, the Bidens are the Delaware equivalent of the Sopranos (minus killing the people who irritate them). The late James Gandolfini (who played Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series) would be proud of the starring role Biden has played in America’s long running, very-real-life crime drama. It would never have occurred to the New Jersey Sopranos to make money in China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, as well as here at home.

You can imagine Tony Soprano sitting down at exquisite Washington, D.C. restaurants with a dozen businessmen from various dictatorships and centers of corruption. You can clearly visualize Hunter Biden in a role similar to Christopher Moltisanti, (Tony Soprano’s drug addicted screw-up nephew) in the Delaware Sopranos.

Moltisanti is a pathetic crook who whines to Tony about his uncontrollable failures of character, judgement, and performance. Tony, of course, turns to some allies to

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