The most famous Donald Trump fanfic painter is doing just fine with him out of office

It’s been 15 months since Donald Trump left office, but the artist who rose to MAGA fame with his realistic portrayals of the 45th president and the movement he leads says he’s thriving.

Jon McNaughton is, perhaps, the most divisive political artist alive. Depending upon your view, he is either a laughing stock of realism or one of the most important truth tellers to pick up paint and brush.

His depictions of Trump have ricocheted across the internet, earning him equal parts mockery and praise. They’ve also earned him fans in the top echelons of political and media power. McNaughton says Trump himself tried to buy one of his paintings (it was already purchased by a “collector” in Texas) and that Sean Hannity has bought between six and 10.

So it stood to reason that with Trump having left the White House, McNaughton would find himself in lean years. He had, after all, lost his muse.
But in a wide-ranging recent interview with POLITICO, the artist says he’s never been busier.

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