The most accurate explanation for the rise in crime in America

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Editor’s note: The following column was first published by Tribune Media Services.

Walking along a street in Madrid in the 1970s after a late-night supper, I asked a local resident if there was much crime in the city. When he replied, “hardly any,” I asked why? “No repeaters,” he said.

Dictator Francisco Franco was still running Spain and dictatorships can get away with things a constitutional republic cannot, but Franco was on to something the U.S. seems to have forgotten. Swift and certain punishment is a major deterrent to people who might be thinking about breaking laws.

Of all the explanations for the rise in crime in America, none may be more accurate than the lack of swift and certain punishment.

The Daily Mail has summarized some of the bigger stores that have closed due to looting and the failure of district attorneys to punish them and other criminals. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon warned last December that thefts were at record levels. With thieves undeterred, McMillon ordered the closing of 17 stores in nine states.


Target CFO Michael Fiddelke has said he expects the company will have lost $600 million to

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