The Moral Case For A National Divorce


Posted: Sep 26, 2022 12:01 AM

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Depending on who currently rules, the idea of a national divorce tends to be generally amenable to one side of the political aisle and completely unacceptable to another. During the Trump administration, some on the left openly talked about California and other states seceding from the union. Now, with leftist Democrats in charge and actively running what’s left of the country into the ground, some liberty-loving folks are openly talking about red states declaring their own independence from the ongoing disaster that is the federal government.

Consequently, the term “national divorce” trends from time to time on Twitter, especially when President Biden is doing something particularly disastrous. Opponents of the idea range from patriotic conservatives with a sentimental attachment to the United States everyone over the age of 40 learned about in elementary school to power-hungry leftists who, frankly, just want to rule over their political opponents, even if it means sending them to the gulag. The concept of self-determination is sadly

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