The Media Ignores What You Really Care About

Do you ever turn on your favorite cable news channel and sit for an hour or so before you actually hear about an issue that really matters to you? 

You’re not the only one. 

Cable and broadcast newsrooms are more and more defined by the interests and agendas of the producers, reporters, and anchors who work there rather than reflecting the interests and agendas of the very viewers they’re trying to reach. (Assuming they’re actually trying to reach any viewers.) 

Given that these newsrooms are filled with graduates of East Coast universities or specialized journalism schools, and given that these newsrooms are located in either Manhattan or Washington, DC, the topics selected by these media gatekeepers continue to display a narrow and myopic vision of what these few decision-makers view as essential and news-worthy. 

A new poll from Rassmussen bears this out with stark evidence. 

New: Top Voter Midterm Issues vs Top Media Midterm Issues

Today we added – Energy Policy.

What a disconnect.

Readers ask how we put this list together. It’s simple –

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) July 25, 2022

Looking at the top five issues that matter most to voters versus the top five issues reported by the media, you can see the

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