The Massive Difference Between Dr. Martin Luther King and BLM

The difference between Dr. Martin Luther King and the BLM movement is the difference between light and darkness, between love and hate. It is a difference that needs to be emphasized for the sake of the dignity of all black lives, every one of which matters to God and every one of which should matter to us.

In saying this, I am not saying anything novel. In fact, for more than five years now, I have emphasized the importance of separating the statement that black lives matter from the BLM movement. But today, in the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, that distinction is all the more important. 

It is also important that all of us, from all races and ethnicities, learn some essential truths from Dr. King.

As for BLM, consider these tweets sent out from BLM’s official Twitter account with reference to the Rittenhouse trial: 

November 19, 1:34 PM: “Reminder: the system is working exactly as it is meant to. The system was always meant to protect and uphold white supremacy.”

November 19, 8:51 PM: “the little racist/terrorist kyle rittenhouse represents the exact kind of white-supremacist vigilante violence that we’ve seen before — with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of #TrayvonMartin.”


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