The March for Life is Not Backing Out of the Federal Fight Over Abortion


Posted: Aug 04, 2022 12:01 AM

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At the first March for Life in 1974, Nellie Gray set out with one immediate goal: to protest until the Supreme Court’s erroneous and devastating decision in Roe v. Wade was overturned. Fifty years later, we are overjoyed that the Supreme Court has done just that, and that the people once again have a say in regulating abortion through their elected representatives.    

Many people have since asked me – so what do we do now?   

Their question is natural, but it misses the deeper goals behind our movement. Yes, overturning Roe, which allowed abortion on demand up until birth and paid for by taxpayers, has always been the necessary first step. But the elimination of Roe is clearly not a final victory.   

Just look at what is happening lately in Washington, D.C. Pro-abortion politicians are working overtime to pass some of the most radical abortion expansion bills in American history.    

In mid-July, the U.S. House passed the deceptively named Women’s Health Protection Act (219-210), which

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