The Major Papers Gave Him Glowing Endorsements. How’d That All Play Out?

Several prominent publications endorsed then-candidate Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential elections, promising a Biden presidency would bring peace, unity and prosperity.

The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Houston Chronicle and others predicted Biden, wise from his decades in Washington, would break from the turbulence of the Trump administration and stock his White House with experience. With that experience, the story went, Biden and his staff would guide the country through the end of the pandemic, economic hardship, challenging problems abroad and transformative energy policy the political left has always envisioned.

The reality, just two years later, is a series of stumbles, failures, and losses in Washington have led to polls like 75 percent of likely Dem voters in New Hampshire wishing for Biden to step aside in 2024. Biden, despite the experience, is struggling to live up to the rosy predictions as Americans face rising inflation, a looming recession and national division.

Public Trust

Biden was sold as the “steady hand on the wheel” by The New York Times editorial board in its generous October 2020 endorsement. The board promised that “a President Biden would embrace the rule of law and restore public confidence in democratic institutions” and that

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