The Long Goodbye, Donald

Regarding the current riotous behavior here in Washington, I have given it what I would call bold thought. That often happens with me. For instance, many years ago, I received a lewd proposal in the mail from Madonna. She obviously was a woman with rampant literary ambitions. Well, I entertained her proposal for about a split second before demurring. I explained that I was a hypochondriac.

Similarly, the other day, I entertained another bold thought, this time regarding President-elect Joe Biden. He had spoken of bringing us all together, of our common heritage as Americans, of healing our wounds. I thought perhaps Biden, who had so recently spoken of conservatives as racists, as xenophobes, as white supremacists, had had a change of heart. Possibly, the seriousness of the crimes committed last Wednesday had sobered him up. Possibly, the defiling of the Capitol had caused him to rethink his earlier scurrilities. Now he was going to abjure demagoguery and act presidential. So, I was prepared to listen to him.

My change of heart lasted as long as it took for him to enunciate what came next, and what came next from his mouth was this: “No one can tell me that

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