The ‘Life In Pink’ Documentary Will Make You A Mega Fan Of Machine Gun Kelly

Everyone apparently hates Machine Gun Kelly, which is why everyone should watch “Life In Pink” on Hulu.

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is a household name in the United States and probably a lot of other places around the world. Having only heard one or two of his mainstream songs and back-to-back gossip about him and Megan Fox’s relationship, I had no interest in watching his documentary “Life In Pink” on Hulu, until a fateful lazy Sunday before the power went out (again).

“Life In Pink” is heavily advertised on Hulu, and for good reason. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I turned it on because I basically needed background noise while I worked. Before the first act wrapped, I was hooked.

Between the fascinating and very dark lived experience of MGK himself, I had no idea that his music was so damn good and diverse as f**k. I always assumed MGK was just a rapper and an occasional singer. How wrong I was! This guy just reinvented pop punk and modern rock. (RELATED: Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Embraces Fan Arrested While Wearing His Mugshot)

All 90s kids grew up in the golden age of pop punk, so it’s hard not to

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