The Left’s Special Kind of Stupid

Are Democrats really this dumb, or are they counting on their supporters being even dumber? The answer isn’t always obvious, but it’s usually a little of both – Democrats are that dumb AND their supporters are particularly stupid – which way the scales tilt in any particular instance depends on the participants. It must be a liberating feeling to be one of those people going on TV knowing that no matter how ignorant you are, no one is going to know the truth or question you out of fear of being destroyed by the left-wing mob. That echo chamber protects some of the most ignorant creatures to ever take a breath and helps spread their special brand of stupid like a cold on a plane.

“Presidential historian” Michael Beschloss is not a bright man. He’s always been a left-wing hack and his multiple Morning Joe appearances over the years have solidified his willingness to make a clown out of himself to keep moving books and maintain his NBC News contract. This week he found a new level of ignorant, this time about Donald Trump.

Let me just say that it is unfair to accuse just one person of stupidity when

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