The left is trying to erase mothers. We can’t let that happen

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With childlike wonder, many of us have pondered the mysteries of the universe. We ask questions like why do ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle; how did those statues get on Easter Island; or what killed the dinosaurs?  But I’ve never been unclear about who is a mother and whether celebrating their unique sacrifices was worth a holiday. With Mother’s Day coming quickly, here’s a little tutorial on why you need to honor the women who made life a little bit better, one sandwich at a time. 

A mother is a woman who by birth or adoption lovingly devotes herself to her child or children. It’s not complicated. It’s not confusing. And should a mother drop the ball, it’s clearly a problem and a loss that only underscores the need for a mom. But most of the time, for most women, motherhood is so noble a sacrifice that a card can’t begin to encompass that kind of commitment, which makes the current erasing of motherhood both offensive and tiring. 

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Talk about demeaning cultural appropriation, slurs like “chest feeders” or “birthing person” don’t create equality, they just erase unique contributions because no biological

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