‘The Lady Beckons’ lured to new home at the Myrna


“The Lady Beckons,” which stands 15 feet tall, will not be ignored.

The new statue created by Helena artist Richard Swanson was installed Friday morning in front of The Myrna Loy at 15 N. Ewing St. and across from the courthouse.

The Myrna, a unique art venue and cultural arts center tucked inside a former jailhouse, is seeking more visibility.

And, as Helena journalist Marga Lincoln wrote earlier this week: “… the scarlet willowy lady — with her dancing curves and bold Myrna Loy sign — definitely invites a closer admiring look.”

Lincoln noted the sculpture’s sway reflects the spirit of the Myrna, which “offers a lively program of innovative film and performing arts.”

The statue, which is a generic artist character that represents many cultures and art forms, will be officially dedicated at 6 p.m. Thursday.

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