The Kitchen Dwellers: Serving up mountain music of Montana

By Brian D’Ambrosio for the Missoulian

The term “mountain music,” though broad, could describe the sweep and intent and supply of a great deal of the contemporary vibrations flowing out of Montana.

While iconic mountain music-producing states such as Virginia and Kentucky have an associated history that’s well-blended and long-storied, Montana is still casting its chronicles.

The Bozeman-based Kitchen Dwellers purvey an elated, folk-spirited type of modern mountain music, a burgundy flannel wearing, coffee simmering, camp stove and flickering firelight resonance that serves up movement and discovery, as well as something coming within reach of cultural commodity.

“We definitely feel like at times that we are ambassadors for our home state of sorts,” said Shawn Swain of the Kitchen Dwellers. “Right now, a lot of people are pretty fascinated with life in the West and Montana, specifically. So, telling people what things are really like in Montana is always fun, too.”

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The Kitchen Dwellers perpetuate a style of sound and culture that was created in the remoteness of the Appalachian Mountains — stringed instruments, region-specific ballads, hymns, spontaneous conviviality, gathered fiddles, and an overall relished seclusion from high-density urban areas.

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