The International Olympic Committee's Beijing hypocrisy

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In less than a month, athletes from around the world will gather in Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, giving the Chinese Communist Party a global platform of hundreds of millions of viewers.  

Adolf Hitler infamously used the 1936 Games as a springboard for his conquest across Europe and further worsened Nazi Germany’s genocidal efforts. Vladimir Putin used the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics as a launching pad for Russia’s invasion into Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula just a month after the Games. Will Taiwan’s independence be threatened next as China increases its military incursions over the democratic island?  

Despite the calls from over 180 human rights groups and western officials for the International Olympic Committee to move the Winter Games out of Beijing, the IOC has declared they are “strictly politically neutral at all times.” This pretense of neutrality when it comes to the Chinese Communist Party’s atrocities and aggression is oddly ironic given the decades-long hard-line stand the IOC took against South Africa’s apartheid policies.


Admirably, the IOC set a precedent in 1964 when they barred South Africa from participating in the Tokyo Games due the country’s segregationist

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