The ‘Hypocrisy’ Label Has Lost Its Power

There was a time in bygone America when calling someone a “hypocrite” or claiming they were guilty of hypocrisy was equivalent to branding them with a scarlet letter or the mark of Cain.


Today, in an era of opinion polls, trendsetting, and ever-shifting political winds, hypocrisy means little to nothing. Both parties are guilty of this, though it appears Democrats have mastered the craft.

The latest that caught my attention comes courtesy of the president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Stacy Davis Gates has called school choice racist and, according to the Wall Street Journal, “has made it her mission to kill an Illinois scholarship program for low-income children.”

That the program benefits primarily people of color in urban areas doesn’t seem to matter to Gates, who is Black.

What earns Gates the hypocrite label is that while denouncing school choice for others, she has exercised it for herself. She has pulled her son from an apparently underperforming neighborhood public school and enrolled him in a private Catholic school that will cost her $16,000 a year, citing a “disinvestment in public schools” on the South Side.  She is leaving her two other children in public school. I wonder how they

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