The Hollow Political Rhetoric on Afghanistan Jeopardizes Lives, National Security, and Honor


Posted: Sep 07, 2021 10:12 AM

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This past week, we have seen many press releases and statements from numerous politicians and senior military officers trying to gloss over their failures concerning the Afghanistan debacle.

Despite President Biden’s claim, Afghanistan is not the longest war for the U.S. military. The Army’s conflict with Native Americans lasted 50 years. The Cold War lasted 45 and involved hundreds of thousands of American service members stationed throughout the democracies of western Europe, blocking communist aggression. The 1952 Korean War armistice brought an end to major hostile activities, but neither a surrender document nor a peace treaty was ever completed. The two nations are still technically in a state of war, and 28,500 American service-members stationed are in South Korea help prevent the resurgence of combat operations.

The results of these long fights are that all frontier territories achieved statehood and the Soviet Union collapsed. South Korea is the tenth largest national economy and its armed forces work closely with the American military throughout

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