The Hate Crime Double Standard

The entire concept of ‘hate crime’ has never made any sense to me. If someone makes a conscious choice to kill another human being, is the victim any less dead because the perpetrator disliked their protected characteristic versus a dislike of another, unprotected characteristic? Does the husband who kills his spouse because he hated her deserve less jail time than a killer who murders a black person because he hates black people? If you think so, aren’t you putting the dead spouse on a legal protection level below the dead minority member? Shouldn’t all lives be equal in the eyes of the law? Why should one life matter more than another? And besides, how can you even know for sure what exactly resides in a perpetrator’s heart of hearts? Aren’t ALL violent crimes acts of ‘hate’?

So yeah, for those and a hundred other reasons, the whole mess is absurd on its face. But perhaps an even greater danger is the fact that it’s opened the door for the politicization and polarization of a justice system that should be blind and fair to all. When a white person commits a high-profile violent crime against a black person, or when

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