The GOP ‘Traitor’ Trump Hasn’t Managed to Bully


SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Nine days before Christmas, from near the border with Mexico in Arizona and some 2,300 miles from this city that is the seat of his district, Republican congressman John Katko beamed into the homes of the watchers of Fox Business. Through a patchy connection he delivered five minutes of red-meat rhetoric about immigrants and drugs “pouring” into the country — “drugs that are killing our kids,” Katko told show host Maria Bartiromo. “Every single American in this country,” he said, “could be killed seven times over with the fentanyl that we’ve seized at the border …”

“Congressman, look, it’s a great thing that you went all the way to the border,” Bartiromo said — before pivoting the interview to a less comfortable subject. “And yet you still voted for the infrastructure package. Congressman, do you regret it?”

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“It’s going to help us with our water systems, help us with our roads,” Katko countered. “I think it’s going to be one of those great investments. I think the infrastructure package to me is like a good

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