The GOP Is Expecting Payback Post-2022

Simply put, we deplorable semi-fascist monsters who are racist no matter what color we are or whether we actually are racist, and who merely built, fed, fueled and defended this country, want our pound of flesh from the progressives who have screwed with us. Maybe two pounds, or for sissy metric system people, round it up to a kilogram. The House redo on the Contract with America is fine, I guess, but we all know that a GOP Congress can’t pass laws without Gumby in the White House signing the bills, and that is not happening. Yet we still want action. More specifically, we want vengeance, and if we help the Republicans take Congress in 2022, we better see some payback pronto.

Yes, I know that the loser Fredocons whose total failure to exact a price for the escalating series of outrages that the leftist weirdos, losers, and mutations have imposed upon us will cry and wet themselves more than usual if we even consider righteous retaliation. We’re supposed to play nice and turn the other cheek, but the base is not in a turning the other cheek mood. It is in the mood to plant the sole of

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