The Gaslighting Will Continue Until You Stop Being Racist

“Gaslighting”—insisting something provably false is actually true—has become a central feature of American political discourse, especially on the left.

That should come as no surprise. Leftist’s policies are so bad, their worldview so detached from reality, their only play is to constantly manipulate the truth in the hope that enough people either come to believe them or at least get tired of arguing. 

Think “There is no border crisis,” “We’re not in a recession,” and “Gender-affirming hormones are totally reversable.” That’s gaslighting.  

Leftists find this tactic particularly useful for advancing their neo-Marxist, racist “equity” agenda. The recent BYU volleyball controversy provides a perfect example—but more about that in a moment. First, let’s review a brief history of racial gaslighting. 

To demand equity, you must first identify an oppressed group. And if no one is actually being oppressed—as in this country, where even our “poor” are privileged by world standards—you must pretend they are and try to persuade the public the oppression is real. 

That’s where gaslighting comes in. Just as communist dictators claim to have stamped out tyranny and ushered in prosperity even as people starve, the American Left works overtime to maintain the 

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