The Fortunate Results of the South Korean Election – America Keeps a Key Ally as the Left Is Defeated


Posted: May 11, 2022 10:30 AM

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A particularly annoying intellectual tic of certain leftist academics, area experts, and journalists, with regard to nations that fell to communism or have increasingly come under the baleful influence of communist states, is the proclivity of such individuals to indignantly proclaim that such nations were not and could not have been “lost” because they were “not ours to lose.” 

This leftist objection to the use of the term “lost” (as in the “loss” of China) is a deceptive rhetorical device which falsely and maliciously implies that those using the term believed that the “lost” nation in question somehow “belonged” to the U.S.  Of course, this was never and is not the meaning intended by users of the term.   

A clear example of the importance of this topic for Americans is found in the fortunate results of South Korea’s presidential election on March 9, 2022.  In that contest, the importance of which went far beyond Korea, the candidate who was basically pro-China and

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