The FBI’s Good Works Don’t Expunge Partisanship

Crimes against children are inexpressibly evil. For decades, the FBI has been uniquely situated to identify, investigate, and arrest the people and groups involved in the trafficking and sexual abuse of our most vulnerable. And, FBI agents do this critical work in-spite of the tremendous personal costs incurred by close proximity to a crime of such horrific aspect. The men and women of the FBI work these kinds of cases as well as a gambit of violations that would quail people of lesser commitment. It was my honor to serve for twenty years alongside the best and brightest that our country has to offer.  

However, the good that FBI case agents do on a daily basis is obfuscated by the fog of infamy created by the malfeasance of some in FBI leadership. To ignore this is a betrayal of the integrity and bravery of those who defend America from her enemies both foreign and domestic. Agents hold themselves to the highest standards and still demand the same from their leadership. It is a disservice to them and an affront to their sense of integrity to excuse, blunt, or cloud the facts surrounding the current culture of partisanship. 

It is

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